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Recupero delle password per:

Rixler Software order processing is performed by our e-commerce partner RegSoft Inc. We use this company in order to provide you with round the clock ordering services.

As soon as your order is processed, you will be provided with the registration code by (e-mail) for your copy of the program. After that you will be able to register the program and cancel shareware limitations.

Important! Recovering your own passwords is a legal operation. Though you should bear in mind that recovering other users' passwords without their permission can be considered illegal in courts of many countries. Your use of this software implies that you have the proper right or the permission from the data owner to access the concealed information. The Rixler Software Company is not responsible for any illegal use of this Software.

IMPORTANTE: Nel codice di registrazione del servizio Windows Password Recovery Service sono inclusi i crediti per il recupero acquistati. Ogni volta che si recupera la password di accesso a Windows, dal codice di registrazione viene detratto un credito.

È possibile testare il servizio Windows Password Recovery Service prima di acquistare i crediti.

Tipo di licenza

Per ordinare Windows Password Recovery Service, specificare il tipo di licenza desiderato:

Windows Password Recovery Service
1 Credito:  $ 19.95
2 - 10 Crediti:  $ 14.95
11 - 49 Crediti:  $ 9.95
50 e più Crediti:  $ 4.95

Acquista crediti per Windows Password Recovery Service con RegSoft

Per qualsiasi domanda riguardo all'ordinazione, alle opzioni di pagamento e alla consegna, si prega di visitare il nostro Centro Servizi Utenti presso  RegSoft .

Money Back Guarantee

When you buy our software, your purchase is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are, for any reason, not entirely happy with your purchase, simply contact us. If we cannot solve the problem, we will cheerfully issue a full refund.

When requesting for refund, please provide the following information:

  • Email adress you used while registering
  • Title of the software
  • Brief reason for dissatisfaction (error message or screenshots)

Opzioni di pagamento

We accepts orders by the following methods:

  • Carta di credito online (VISA, Mastercard, Eurocard, American Express, Diner's Club, Delta, JCB, Switch, Solo, Discover, Amex)
  • Carta di credito via Fax / telefono
  • Bonifico bancario (wire transfer)
  • Assegno
  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • Purchase Order
  • Postal Mail

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