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Password recovery for:

Upload Windows password hashes and recover passwords

To recover Windows logon passwords you need to submit to our server the password hashes extracted from your system using bootable CD, floppy or USB flash disk.

Our password recovery service is the fastest in the Internet and allows to recover Windows passwords in seconds. You can recover passwords, containing the following characters: [a-z, A-Z, 0-9].

To start the password recovery process you need to enter your registration code and specify a path to the file, containing password hashes. The password hashes could be in the following format:

Our hashes format:

<LM hash>
<NTLM hash> ;


01FC 5A6B E7BC 6929 AAD3 B435 B514 04EE
0CB6 9488 05F7 97BF 2A82 8079 73B8 9537 ;

Pwdump hashes format:

<User>:<ID>:<LM hash>:<NTLM hash>:<Comment>:<Path>



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Registration code (DEMO - for testing, purchase)

Save registration code

If you used a floppy disk

Path to hashes file (Example: A:\hashes.txt)

If you used the CD version

You can also enter your hashes manually in the form below.


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