Rixler Software

Unbelievable...It removed the password in just mere 1 second for a password of 6 digit long, only in alphabets!


I am very much great full to this software.It founded password to one of my oldest love letters sent to me by my boyfriend.


Rixley Word Recovery Master was very easy to use and has opened the document in seconds. The whole process cost me 10 minutes and €25. Prior I had spent hours triyng different combinations of a partly forgotten password.

Ignacio de la Cruz

I almost cried when this program recovered my entire 250-page novel. Other password hacking programs try in vain to find the password, but this one sidesteps the entire process in seconds. I'm astonished. It is WELL worth the money if you want to recover your document.


best software ever! I'd been struggling for days trying various passwords i thought would work then i found this and it took literally 5 seconds!

Karena, UK

OH, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I thought it was hopeless to unprotect my document. You've made my day !!!

Lana J Howze