Rixler Software

Wow...than you so much. I had an old excel doc that was fantastic, but needed formula editing, and I had forgotten my password. You're the best.

Bret Sorkness

Thank you very much for your product. It really helped me.

Shafayat Hossain

Dear Company,

I want to comment on your product. Like so many people I placed a
password protection on an Excel file that I did not want anyone
having access to and then forgot the password. I tried many free
password unlock programs all of which did not work and consumed
many hours. I also tried a purchased software ($30.00) that did
not work. This product kept locking up my computer and also took
many hours. I tried your demo and the password was unlocked in a
flash. I am serious in a flash. I then purchased your product and
quickly had my entire file unlocked. This is an amazing product.
I wish I had found your product before trying all those others.
Thank you again.

Patricia A. Bateman
Assistant Coordinator
Southern Illinois University