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Standard and transparent modes of locking

The program can work in two modes of computer locking: standard and transparent. In the first case a special screen is shown when computer is locked up. This enables to hide current information on the screen from other users when you are absent. For unlocking the system it's necessary to enter the correct password. In case you want to lock computer without any visible changes, you can use the transparent mode for screen locking. In this case the screen remains unchanged while the keyboard and the mouse are locked until the correct password is entered.

Why the protection from key spies is nesessary ?

You can find a lot of programs of password protection in Internet. These programs are capable to lock computer, but don't maintain the key spy protection. Is it worth to trust these programs? Quite worth. But only until you are sure that nobody else has not launched a secret program that captures passwords (key spy or keylogger program). Today nobody can be sure in that. And capturing of the password can lead to disappointing consequences. So, using the key spy protection mechanism is nesessary for the really good password protection programs.

In the Computer Lock Up program the unique method of key spy protection is implemented. It is based on the low level service of keystrokes filtration, maintained by OS and can protect from all types of key spyes (known and unknown).

The protection implementation

The computer access locking as well as key spy protection mechanism are realized at the keyboard driver level. It's the lowest level posible for such programs. Because of this fact Computer Lock Up doesn't give any chance for key spies to capture the password and maintaines reliable and secure locking of the computer access.

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Reliable locking of the computer

When the computer is locked up, the mouse and absolutely all keyboard hot keys are switched off, including such system key combinations as Ctrl + Alt + Del or Alt + Tab. The only way to unlock computer is typing of the correct password. Locking of the computer doesn't affect on the applications already running in the system. So the system can be locked up at any time and other programs will continue their job without any changes.

Quick computer locking

Quick locking of the computer can be done with a help of hot keys or by double-clicking of the left mouse button on the program icon. By means of the computer can be locked at any moment from any program you currently work with.

Lock computer at program startup

It is possible to lock computer automatically every time the Computer Lock Up starts. In case the program has been already launched, the second copy of it is not launched but the computer is locked. This makes possible to lock system simply by clicking on the program shortcut on the desktop, so the usage of the program becomes more comfortable. This option also enables to prevent from running the program by unauthorized user as well as unauthorized changing of the program options.

Lock computer at Windows startup

Simultaneous switching on the Lock computer at program startup and Start program at Windows startup options makes possible to lock computer at Windows startup. In this case, the program will lock keyboard and mouse until the correct password is entered every time Windows starts.

Hidden mode

In the hidden mode the fact that the program has been launched is concealed. In this mode the icon on the task bar is not showed and the program will not appear in the the list of the running programs that is called by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys (for Win9x). The computer can be locked up by pressing a predefined hot key.

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